Special offers for 2018/19

Paul is able to offer wedding couples incredible value for money for their special day. Please read below for information on prices.    

Wedding Music Planning

Paul handles all his enquiries with a welcoming, friendly and helpful approach. He understands completely how important the music is for your wedding day and he runs 'Acoustic Weddings' as a full time business. Paul spends all his time working on the website, rehearsing and practising songs and most importantly, helping wedding couples to plan the music for their wedding. When you email the site for example, Paul will discuss all your ideas with you and be able to give advice, and if you both would like to arrange a meeting over a coffee, or come to a gig, Paul understands that providing this service is equally as important as the music itself. 

Wedding Discount Package

Paul can play at any time slot of the wedding. Often on a typical weekend he may play at a service/ceremony only, or a seperate drinks reception or maybe just be out playing at an evening wedding. Because Paul is such a versatile musician that can cover so much under one roof, he is able to offer a specially discounted rate when you need a price for both sevice/ceremony and the afternoon music set together. Just send through an email and he will send you a full breakdown showing the applied discount.  

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